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The Markel company is official distributor of Hitachi Power Device Division. Hitachi PDD is a leading producer of High Voltage IGBT modules, diodes and integrated circuits.


Like the Sun… Hitachi Power Semiconductors keep on working”

“IGBT, High Voltage Integrated Circuits (HVICs) and Diodes from the Hitachi were designed in order to meet high requirements of our customers. These products are achieving high standards of the quality and their parameters are stable for the entire period of live time.”

Hitachi PDD Products

High Voltage ICs
IGBT Modules
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Proton-Electrotex is the leading Russian company working in the field of development and production of power semiconductor diodes, thyristors, modules, heatsinks, IGBTs and as well power units for various electric energy converters.

The main goal of our company is to provide our customers with modern and reliable products. In the era of green technologies and energy efficiency there’s nothing more important than reliability of power electronics components. Product quality has always been and will be Proton-Electrotex priority and their business partners.


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Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) is currently basic active element and the most popular solution of high frequency power electronic converters. It is a true heart of each device. Quality, features and properties of IGBT module decides about efficiency and reliability of the whole device. We offer IGBT transistors in the current range from single amperes to 3600A and in the voltage range from 250 V up to the 6500V.

We offer our customers professional selection of IGBTs depending on the application, technical and technological requirements.


Electroinsulated semiconductor modules are simple and convenient to use power electronic components that allow for the construction of a single heatsink.

Markel offers electroinsulated semiconductor modules of all global manufacturers such as Semikron, Vishay, IXYS, Infineon, Powerex, Sanrex. These are diode modules, thyristor modules or mixed modules in a variety of configurations and housings (single, double, single-phase and three-phase rectifier modules). Electroinsulated modules can be applied to the 50-60 Hz application (standard components) or higher frequencies. We can suggest ready solutions of diode, thyristor rectifiers and with the appropriately selected heatsink, fan and driver. We offer modules in voltage range up to 6.5 kV and current range up to 1200A.

The Markel company offers also a range of thermal greace and thermally conductive materials to provide adequate working conditions for electroinsulated modules.


The most common diode is rectifier component that conducts primarily in one direction: it has low resistance to the flow of current in one direction, and high resistance in the other. The basic parameter of a rectifying diode are the repetitive peak reverse voltage and characteristic of forward current. These parameters determine the possibility of using the diode in the specific application. Standard diodes working in frequency range up to 60Hz. Fast rectifier diode can be use above this value.

Markel offers rectifier diodes, fast and ultra-fast, HEXFRED type, avalanche and welding. Depending on the type we offer diodes in screw housing or disc housing, for small values of current in TO-220, TO-247, SOT-227.

We offer diodes in the current range from few mA to 13500A and in the voltage range from a few V up to the 9000V.

Thyristors are used in both power converter systems: rectifiers and inverters. Thyristors main advantage compared to IGBTs are the overload parameters. Depending on the application we can convert DC or AC current.

Markel offers different types of thyristors: standard for 50 and 60Hz application, fast, pulse, GTO. Depending on the type we can propose screw housing or disc housing, for small values of current in TO-220, TO-247, SOT-227.

We offer Thyristors in range of current from several A to 6650A and in the voltage range from several V to 8500V.

We offer thyristors all the world’s leading producers like Vishay, Semikron, ABB, Infineon, Westcode, Ixys, Mitsubishi, Powerex, Powersem, Sanrex, Lamina, Dynex, Estel, International Rectifier, Microsemi, SanRex.


Transistor or thyrisor driver is very important components of the power electronic device. It affect the reliability, safety and the level of the efficiency of entire power electronic system. Markel company offers support in the selection of the relevant driver for IGBT, MOSFET or thyrisor components depending on the application and needs of the customer.

Considering design assumptions and the costs optimization we can offer ready IGBT drivers or MOSFET drivers of Power Integration, InPower, Isahaya. For different IGBT modules we can provide dedicated drivers, mechanically fitted to the housing of the module and drivers of general purpose which is possible to adapt to the specific application of IGBT module.

Modern drivers can register operating parameters of power electronics unit and storage this data in memory. Parameters can be read even after failure of the driver.


An integrated circuit is a miniaturised electronic system containing in its interior from a few electronic components up to hundreds of million. It can be transistors, diodes, resistors and capacitors. The majority of integrated circuits applied at present is produced in the monolithic technology.

The Markel company offers standard integrated circuits as well as high voltage ICs – microcontrollers, voltage regulators, logic and analogue circuits.

Hitachi high-voltage integrated circuits:

– analogue high voltage switches,

– gate drivers of IGBTs and MOSFETs,

– single chip inverters for motor drive


Passive capacitive and inductive components are necessary for the proper operation of each power electronic system. These elements are designed as the energy magazine and can be used as filter of the voltage and current.

The Markel company offers energy capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, pulse and DC-Link capacitors, snubber, single and three-phase AC capacitors and supercapacitors.


Voltage and current transducers are least invading and one of the most accurate solutions of the measurement main power electronics parameters.

These elements based on Hall Effect allow measurements of current and voltage in the wide frequency range, simultaneously providing the galvanic separation from the main power circuit.

The Markel company offers help in the selection of the appropriate transducers depending on measured values, application and the required accuracy.


The fuse is an important component of every power electronic device. It is not only protecting expensive components as semiconductors and engines but also safeguards the entire device against damage (particularly in case of devices of high power).

The Markel company offers fast and ultrafast fuses with fuseholders for protecting semiconductor components.

We offers also general and special purpose fuses, high-voltage fuses and overvoltage protection.


Heatsink is a part of power electronic device that ensure adequate thermal conditions for semiconductors and other heat-generating components. Markel offers heatsinks made of aluminium or copper which are being air or liquid cooled (water, glycol, oil).

Power electronic subassemblies (power modules) based on different types of heatsinks can be used in the electric traction, diode and thyristor rectifiers, electronic energy converters, wind power stations etc. We have a wide range of ready heatsinks and heatsink profiles.

We also propose mechanical processing of heatsink profiles: punching, tapping, threading holes, milling, and cutting. We can finish the surface as black or coloured anodizing.


Power Subassemblies (Power Modules) are a wide branch of the activity of the Markel company. We offer functional power blocks that contain active and passive components, cooling system, control unit and additional elements.

The project of the power module adapted for needs of the customer and constitutes the dedicated technical solution. The mechanical and electric adaptation causes that our modules are simple in the application and reliable.

Power subassemblies of the Markel company are successfully being exploited in rectifiers of the great power, high voltage inverters, traction applications, power switch gears etc.


The Markel company offers accessories for power electronic components. Semiconductors, capacitors, drivers, chokes and fans require additional accessories providing easy terms for the work:

  • gate wires and signal tapes for drivers,
  • thermally conductive grease and films,
  • thermally and electrically conductive paste,
  • HV insulating materials,
  • copper connections (coated and insulated)
  • bus-bar system

In case of additional questions do not hesitate to contact us.