Markel is a dynamic, independent company that have been on the market since 1997.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive solutions in the field of power electronics. We support the design activity, assembling, installation of equipment and supply of power components including subassemblies.

Many years of experience on the power electronics market, continuous improvement of skills, investments and quality control allows us to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Markel provides components and services for industry, traction, mining and marine markets. Our solutions are suitable for drive technology, high current and high voltage applications.

Power electronics is our passion, so we make every effort to change the future of power electronics in Poland and around the world.

Design support
Prototype phase support
Components supply


Design and production

We offer help during design process of new devices. We support customers to select the optimal components depending on the commercial and technical needs of the application.

We provide dedicated solutions in the form of power blocks containing active elements (diodes, thyristors, IGBT and MOSFET modules), passive components (capacitors, chokes, transformers), control system (drivers, CPUs) and cooling systems (heatsinks, fans).

Sales and distribution

The company Markel offers the highest quality power electronics components: semiconductors such as diodes, thyristors, IGBT and MOSFET modules; passive components: capacitors, resistors, inductors and transformers; components of the cooling system: heatsinks, fans.

We also offer components of higher integration level (subassemblies assembled from power electronic components).

Assembly of equipment

We offer a professional electrical and power electronic assembling. According to customer documentation, established guidelines and requirements of the application Markel makes assembly of switchgears, control equipment, converters and inverters in a wide power range.

The assembly process usually start from the execution of mechanic parts. The final wired, labeled and tested products is delivered to the customer.



New Packaging Generation.

– The next standard for High Voltage IGBTs.

– From 1700V to 6500V

– High Power Density

– Low Inductance

– Scalable, Easy Paralleling

– Standard and High Isolation Package

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The IGBT modules suited for water cooling.

At the appropriate basis of the IGBT module and applying the heatsink with a water jacket we can obtain the power electronics comprehensive water-cooled arrangement. This technology is a perfect solution for the application of renewable energy sources.


The company Markel is the exclusive representative of Hitachi Power Device Division.

Hitachi PDD is a leading manufacturer of high-voltage IGBTs, Diode modules and HV ICs that are designed to meet the high demands of our customers. These products achieve the highest quality standards, and their parameters are stable throughout the life of the product.

HV IGBT Modules

IGBT and Diode modules in a single, half-bridge or chopper configuration. The range of voltages from 1700V to 6500V and currents up to 3600A.


Rectifier ,Zener, Surge SSD and High Voltage discrete Diodes.

High Voltage Integrated Circuits

Monolithic integrated circuits, High Voltage Motor Controllers, IGBTs and MOSFETs Drivers, High Voltage Analog Switches.